Our recent activities include:

Libera. We are volunteers of the project LIBERA (launched in 2017) - a result of collaboration between a leading environmental NGO SEO/BirdLife and Ecoembes, a non-profit environmental organization that promotes circular economy and recycling. LIBERA is aimed to put an end to littering of the natural spaces of different Spanish ecosystems - a tragedy of unimaginable scale. The project is focused on spreading public awareness, prevention, and participation in a variety of activities like, for instance, collection of plastics in the woods or removal of invasive species. Today thousands of Spanish citizens and dozens of national and international companies make their stand against all sorts of garbage invading the Spanish forests, rivers, beaches, and mountains. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds, organizations, and private business sector are all welcome to join in and/or start their own campaigns anywhere in the country. Find a project that suits you best and more information here.

Job Shadowing. Samaniego Law participates in the work shadowing program High School + Business that aims to bring together the educational system and the world of employment. Thanks to the several days´ stays in companies and institutions of their choice, young people become better prepared to make decisions about their academic and professional future and acquire new useful skills. Teenage students interested in studying Law have the opportunity to observe the daily work at our office, accompany us to the courts and perform other parallel activities such as visiting the Supreme Court. In 2019 around 8,800 businesses and 23,000 students participated in this project.

Púlsar Program / Everis Foundation. We take part in the Púlsar Program of the Everis Foundation that consists of mentoring of female adolescents by successful women. Through individualized mentoring, the girls enhance the development of their potential and talents which help them to achieve their professional aspirations. Launched in 2015, the program grew widely and now counts with mentors and students in various cities in Spain and abroad.

Women in a Legal World Mentoring Program. We act as mentors in the WLW Mentoring Program launched in spring 2019. The mentoring program designed together with Villanueva University Center that form part of Complutense University is aimed at women who are starting their career in the legal profession. We appreciate the opportunity to give guidance on professional development to the representatives of a younger generation together with other mentors – mostly exceptional female lawyers – members of WLW.

CEA Women Mentoring Program. We act as mentors in the Spanish Arbitration Club Mentoring Program of CEA Women section launched in early 2018. The mentoring program is aimed at women who are starting their career in the world of international arbitration and seek additional guidance. It is an honor to be among other coaches - high profile practitioners in different jurisdictions - and be able to counsel exceptional mentees of a younger generation.

Frozen Peak Adventures (Tanzania). After successful ascend to the Uhuru Peak Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) in August 2017, we have supported a group of highly experienced local guides to create their own independent travel company Frozen Peak Adventures together with our best friends from Attitude Consulting who have developed their website and support them with marketing and business development actions.

Adelias Foundation. The Adelias Foundation works between Spain and Morocco, helping Moroccan children and adolescents combat illness, poverty and illiteracy. We help them in their program to support local women’s sewing workshops and to provide temporary accommodation in Madrid for sick children and their families receiving treatment in Spanish hospitals.

TedEx Youth. At Samaniego Law we support the development of disruptive technologies, knowledge sharing, tools and practices that have the potential to transform the way we live and work and from which our society and businesses can benefit greatly. We provide pro bono advice on IP, privacy and data protection to the organizing committee of TedEx Youth Madrid. As part of the TedEx "ideas worth spreading" series of events, the TedEx Youth Initiative is designed to empower and inspire young people.

Knowing Your Laws and community work. We are committed to the Madrid Local Government’s “Know Your Laws” program  (Conoce tus leyes), which aims to help immigrants living in the city understand their rights and obligations. Our team members have been involved in this project from its first edition. On several Saturday evenings throughout the year, our lawyers deliver 3-hour sessions on various aspects of the Spanish legislature, ranging from fundamental rights to the most practical day-to-day advice, at different Centers for Integration in Madrid. Each center generally attracts around 100 attendees of varying nationalities. The topics generate significant interest, and debate and the feedback is very positive.

European Data Protection Day. Every year our data protection team lawyers mark the European Data Protection Day (28 January) by delivering informative sessions on privacy issues for teenage students at educational centers around Madrid. European Data Protection Day was first celebrated in 1981 when Convention no. 108 for the Protection of Individuals regarding Automatic Processing of Personal Data was adopted in Strasbourg. Today, with the increase in social media sites and internet use, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to data protection and privacy issues. The initiative is always warmly welcomed by both students and school administrators. The team’s presentation includes videos highlighting the risks of social networks. Although the task of explaining the importance of personal privacy to teenagers remains challenging, these sessions always bring highly successful results.

Water in Africa. We collaborate with the Emalaikat Foundation and the Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle to support their long-running project to help villagers in the remote desert areas between Kenya and Ethiopia who, among other misfortunes, suffer malnutrition because of severe droughts in the area. The “Boats of Turkana” project includes building fishing boats for the villagers who live on the coast of Lake Turkana which, while its water is not safe to drink, provides great fishing opportunities. Our team members raised sufficient funds to build, maintain and purchase nets and other fishing tools for one fishing boat which now is ready. Over 50 people, including family members of the fishermen, benefit from this contribution.