Our values

Our clients trust in our hard-working and solution-oriented attitude, fair fee scales, our insight, pragmatism, resilience, and our personal qualities. We make every effort never to rest on our laurels and to exceed expectations in every situation.

We also make every effort to be true to the following commitments:

Freedom and Independence from any interference or interest. In extreme cases, when we feel our independence is at risk, this commitment will mean that we will decline instruction from a client.

Our team members enjoy the freedom and the opportunity to practice without unnecessary restrictions. Importantly, our structure is designed to achieve a healthy work-life balance with the emphasis on flexibility and self-responsibility.

Ethics: We are fully committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in respect of our clients, business partners, professional organizations, legislative bodies, and peers, as well as within our own firm.

“You will not practice law ethically — you cannot practice law ethically — unless acting ethically is habitual for you. You have to be in the habit of being honest. You have to be in the habit of being fair. You have to be in the habit of being compassionate. These qualities have to be deeply ingrained in you, so that you can’t turn them on and off” ("On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of an Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession", Patrick Joseph Schiltz).

For more information on our professional obligations read our Legal Notice.

Excellence: we seek to exceed our clients’ expectations. The quality of our service comes from giving talented and motivated lawyers and consultants the necessary space to perform their duties, as well as equipping them with all the available technological tools and smart strategies required to defend our cases.

Effectiveness: we pay special attention to methodology and analysis. Everything we do should add value, and we know how to distinguish between the tasks that advance a case and those that do not.

Brevity: we appreciate that our clients are busy, and that time is short. Our written and verbal communications offer a succinct and clear distillation of the issues; we elucidate, we do not inundate.

Our extra mile: we are highly devoted to the organizations and individuals who make a positive and lasting impact on today's social, environmental, and economic challenges. We are inspired to make our own humble contribution to various volunteer and pro-bono activities and to make a difference to the benefit of our community, the natural world and society in general. See more about our CSR activities here.