About us

Our story

SAMANIEGO Law was officially launched in January 2017 by Javier Fernández-Samaniego, a highly acclaimed European Technology and Dispute Resolution lawyer who has 20+ years’ experience and is also certified as a Foreign Legal Consultant by the Florida Bar.

The firm opened offices simultaneously in Madrid and Miami – a natural hub in a middle of the triangle formed by the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Behind us are more than 20 years of long hours and intense legal experience in leading national and international law firms operating in Europe. Ahead of us is the magic of a fresh start and the conviction that we are pioneering a new way of delivering legal services.

Our business model and philosophy

SAMANIEGO is a hybrid that combines an International Commercial Law Firm, a Legal Strategy Consultancy Firm and a sophisticated solutions platform.

It offers appropriate solutions and a customized team for every unique challenge. It provides a service that is adapted to the needs of a transformed corporate world in which the offer of a “one-stop” or “everything under one roof” service is not always credible or necessary. Widely seen as alternative or virtual, for us our innovative business model is merely the logical evolution of a different approach to innovation and a response to the necessities of our clients in today’s digitally transformed world.

We believe in limitless, uncomplicated, made-to-measure legal solutions. This belief is embodied in all that we do for our clients: the way we compose our teams; the way we pursue our cases; the way we charge for our services; and the way we maintain our relationships.

Our team

We are a team of international lawyers and strategic and IT consultants specializing in technology and dispute resolution, with support from a long-standing network of trusted professionals and legal interim managers.

We have also formed an alliance with UnitedLex a global provider of legal and business solutions based on technological and artificial intelligence solutions. All of our team members and our selected legal interim managers possess the robust technical and commercial skills required to provide big-picture customized solutions for our clients while remaining open-minded, diligent and positive.

Our geographical reach

Though we operate globally, we have a clear focus on the Latin Atlantic region and we regularly advise American companies (in both North and Latin America) that have a keen interest in expanding to Europe, and vice versa, European companies expanding into the Americas.

Many of our clients count on us as trusted advisors when facing challenges in other regions such as Russia, East Africa and the Middle East, where we have successfully helped them to find solutions through co-counselling with our trusted local advisors in those regions.

Our clients

Our clients are typically technology companies and providers and builders of digital transformation solutions, as well as organizations that want to reinvent their business. The disruptors and the disrupted that are in need of counsel to back their business vision, help them shape new regulatory boundaries and manage their complex contracts, projects and compliance requirements.

Our business relationships

We aim to build strong, healthy and enduring relationships with our clients. We carefully design our engagement, aligning our strategies with their goals and offering fair and predictable fee schemes.

Even after we have completed our work together, we remain in touch with clients, updating them on legal and regulatory changes or trends that may affect their businesses and highlighting new business opportunities. Our relationship goes beyond newsletters, and we are proud of having helped clients to identify new business models and overseas markets and to create new partnerships.

Our fees

With our radically new, simple and flexible organizational structure, with no overheads or other fixed costs or partnership expenses, and with our smart use of technology and meticulous selection of qualified professionals from around the world for each matter, we offer clients an exceptionally high-quality service that drives a more than 60% average reduction in fees compared with the negotiated rates of traditional law firms, regardless of geographical location.

We have heard our clients saying that “the billable hour is dead” and agree that, with a few exceptions, hourly rates have become obsolete. We carefully design our fee scales to ensure that our clients get value for money.