There is nothing new in successful business lawyers leaving big firms to join a competitor or launch their own boutique firms. The exceptional feature in our case is that we have embraced a totally different model, partnering with other professionals and integrating technological and A.I. solutions. Our structure and size permit flexibility in respect of staffing, ensuring that clients are charged for tangible results and not hours.

Legal Team

We have a permanent legal team whose members have practiced in leading commercial law firms.

The team is led by Javier Fernández-Samaniego.

Legal Interim Managers

Over the years we have built a trusted network of LIMers, highly talented professionals with different levels of experience and a range of specialist skills, from millennial associates who want to work in an innovative environment to outstanding senior colleagues in their 60s who are willing to act in a Legal Interim Management role as a perfect fit for their careers.

Network & Alliance

As a result of our alliance for Europe and Latin America with Integreon, we have state-of-the art backing and support of this leading global managed services provider. Thanks to this strategic partnership combining top-tier legal counsel and sophisticated legal process and technology expertise we are able to provide services to support the digital transformation of corporate legal departments in Europe and Latin America. Apart of the efficiency gains, this service means significant cost savings for companies in short-and long-term.

Support & Development