Manuel is the head of Legal Tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in SAMANIEGO Law and responsible of the firm alliance with UnitedLex, a global provider of technology-powered business, legal and cybersecurity solutions. Mathematician and expert in AI, Manuel combines exceptional technical skills with an entrepreneurial, commercial and solution-oriented approach.

In late 90-s Manuel founded an IT Consultancy firm which in alliance with Javier Fernández-Samaniego’ firm at the time was delivering Data Protection Compliance solutions (namely, compliance with the first Security Measures regulations approved in Spain). Since then, Manuel has been actively engaged in providing solutions to the legal industry with the assistance of Big Data Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and a variety of new digital services and cognitive sciences.

Specialization and career to date

In the last three years Manuel has acted as independent consultant for multinational companies advising on a broad variety of issues related to Business and Digital Transformation.

He has also assisted to developing GDPR Compliance and PIAs (Privacy Impact assessments solutions). Prior to that Manuel was for twelve years within Experian Marketing Services where his last position was Managing Director Experian Decision Analytics and member of the company’s Executive Committee. Before that Manuel was Managing Director & Partner at Item Consulting and Mosaic Iberia - two information & marketing solutions consultancies pioneering in the support to legal and compliance teams in the Spanish market.

Admissions and education

Manuel holds a degree in Mathematics from Complutense University of Madrid where he was specializing in Computer Science and a master degree in Artificial Intelligence from Polytechnics University of Madrid.

Other relevant information

Manuel is associate lecturer in Spain and abroad at Universities and Business Schools including UCM, UPM, UCARLOSIII, Pompeu i Fabra, Instituto de Empresa, ICEMD and ESIC. Manuel is speaker at international conferences, member of relevant professional associations and author of numerous publications in specialized press. Manuel is fluent in Spanish, English and French.